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Altough we are always trying to chat with you on the phone to answer your questions about our wedding films, we thought, it might be helpful, to post the FAQ on our site as well.

Please read below.


1. What is your filming style? Cinematic, or Documentary?

We specialize in cinematic wedding films, and we use feature film techniques when filming and editing your film. It is telling your story, by using the audio captured during the wedding day, as:

  • Your Wedding Vows
  • The voice of the marriage officiant.
  • And the speeches during the reception.

We use sliders, steady cams, tripods, monopods, to create a mixture of images with motion, and very stable shots, all set to cinematic music.

2. What's your storytelling approach?

We don't want to just show up and start filming. We like to get to know our couples, a bit more, before we arrive. This allows us to be more personable, and understand the importance of relationships, and certain moments, happening throughout the day. We don't want to just get lucky, with capturing these moments, we want to be ready. Therefore we have a questionnaire, with some weird questions too (like, what do you like to do on a Saturday morning?), so that we'll get to know you better, plus we like to meet with our couples when possible, to chat and see if we are a good fit for each other. So first and foremost we Listen, to You, and Your story, and then we are ready to roll!

3. Are you a member of any local, or nationwide association?

Yes, we are members of National Professional Videography Association (NPVA).

4. What types of cameras, and lighting will you use?

We use High definition cameras, with a shallow depth of field to achieve the cinematic look, that is so desirable. The cameras we use:

  • RED Scarlet - X, is our main camera. This is a motion picture camera, a lot of movies were filmed with this camera. it has a 4K resolution, and the images are beautiful.
  • Canon 5D Mark III, is a High definition camera, with a great low light behavior, so important for the darker receptions, ceremonies and such.
  • Sony EX1, a High definition camera, great for backup, and as 2nd camera options.

We use a few different types of light, that are disable, some of them on camera, and some off:

  • Small LED on camera disable light.
  • Medium off camera LED light, for the reception speeches.
  • Medium Lowel pro light, used for the introductions, to start the reception.
5. Do you have a backup camera?

As stated above, we always carry a multiple cameras with us, on every wedding.

6. How will the audio be handled?

Audio plays a very important part of our wedding films, as we are building the story around it. Therefore, the audio quality, is very important to us. We are using a multiple sound recorders to capture the audio through out the day: .

  • During the preparations, we'll use a professional shot gun microphones mounted on our cameras, or if you have written notes to each other, we would use a wireless lav mics, to capture your voice, as you are reading the note.
  • During the ceremony, we'd use the wireless lav mics, on the groom's lapel, and another one on the officiant, and / or, use additional sound recorders in the church.
  • Essentially, the reception speech, is the back bone of our films, therefore it is very important to us to capture a clean recording, of all of the speeches. We are coordinating with the band, or the DJ, and are recording the sound directly from the sound board.
7. How long have you been filming weddings?

I started as a photographer, when I was 19, and when my wife and me came to the US, in 2002, I hade a great idea - to buy a video camera as well. I kept buying better and better cameras, and kept learning about filming, editing, and everything about it. After a few years, I realized how much I enjoy spending time with the video production, and started filming weddings in 2007. I kept pretty busy, filming, around 30 to 40 weddings per year. So 2014 will be my 8th year filming weddings, and I have to say, I'm excited more than ever, learning, producing higher quality films, and always looking for a new ways to get better.

8. What type of video formats will we receive?

We deliver your final videos, in a variety of different formats:

  • DVDs, with the Standard definition resolution.
  • Blu Ray disk, so that you can enjoy your wedding in a High definetion resolution.
  • Digital files in High resolution, so that you can upload your wedding film on your phones, and tablets.
  • We will also host your videos online for 6 months or longer, so that you can share them with the whole family and your friends.
9. How long till we get our wedding video?

We will finish the editing of your wedding film video in 4 to 6 weeks, and then upload it online for your approval. Once you'll approve the final version, it takes 2 to 3 weeks, to produce the DVDs, and Blu Ray disk, and it is ready to ship.

10. Will you coordinate with my photographer

Yes, we always like to talk to the photographer, DJ, coordinator, to confirm all of the details. I believe, it is important, for all of the vendors to work together, so that your wedding will be awesome, from the start to the end. In fact, we have developed a lot of friends when filming the weddings, and you can check out our preferred vendors list, once it's ready.

11. What type of coverage and packages do you offer?

Our services are divided based on how many videographers are filming the wedding. We offer video packages with 3, 2, or 1 videographer. We are always consistent with our main concepts of filming, but obviously the production value of packages increases, with the number of videographers. You can read our Bride Guide section, where we explain what are the advantages, to have more videographers during your wedding.

From our experience a phone call, or a meeting works best to start the conversation, and figure out how we can help.

Our Recent Work

Cinematography by: Patrik Kisucky and Steve Sherrick
Edited by: Patrik Kisucky
Venue: The Hyatt, in Cambridge, Ma

Videography is often overlooked, but I must say it is an absolute must for any wedding. It captures emotions that pictures can't, and our experience with Patrik was one of the best. I first met Patrik at a wedding expo in Boston, and he stood out amongst others. He drew people in with a Wii game, challenging perspective clients to get a discount on his service. I immediately liked him even if it was just for his innovative idea. Later that night I watched his DVD, which he was giving out with many different highlight videos. The first one was a college acquaintance of mine. I reached out to her and she gave me all the reassurance that Patrik was professional, delightful to work with and great at what he does. He proved to be just that and MORE. My husband and I hired him immediately and challenged him to do a "Proposal Story" which was shown at our wedding. He did a wonderful job before, during and even after our wedding. We can’t thank him enough for all of our wedding memories that we are able to watch over and over again. Thank you Patrik.